Jersey Petanque Club

100 people attended the meeting which was followed by an excellent luncheon at the St Brelade Bay Hotel.

Rita Le Brocq who won the Player of the Year award for the club 2017.

Player of the Year 2017

1st Rita Le Brocq 78 points

2nd equal Mike Ritzema and Gordon de Gruchy 75 points

4th. Dorothy de Gruchy. 74 points


The retiring captain Gordon de Gruchy announced some special awards, which greatly amused everyone, for the following:-


Special Awards


The I've got the Biggest Boules Bag award.   Brian Harris

The Ice cream Lolly Eater Award.  Mike Ritzema

The Happy Finalist Award.   Alf Le Masurier

The Most Patient Partner Award.  Rosemarie Le Masurier


They received a round of applause. 

Haydn Maguire however was awarded the Prize for Endeavour which was a book token.