Coutances Club Annual Visit to Jersey

​The weekend of 24th/26th June was the annual visit of our friends from Coutances. It is very much an event for those who host, but all club members could be involved.  Coffee was served at 10-30 am on Saturday 25th at the club house with play starting at 11-00 am. 
The picnic lunch was at approximately 12-30 pm, after the playing of one game.
The afternoon saw the playing of the other three games.
A melee was arranged for those not involved in the match.
Tea and cakes were served during the afternoon, and many members brought a cake.
The evening entertainment was, as last year, led by Sandy Warren with his guitar.
A pig roast, laid on by a professional hog roaster, together with bread, salad and sauces was served, followed by a sweet.

After a "Tour de l'Ile" on four open lorries, a Sunday Lunch, at which the trophies were presented was held at the Hotel Cristina at 1.30pm on Sunday 26th June.

Coutances Club Annual Visits to Jersey

The Club's visitors from Coutances arrived this year on Friday 19th June and left on the Sunday evening, 21st June.
After a day being entertained by their local hosts, the competition took place on Saturday at the JPC terrains. In the first of four rounds, Jersey made a good start by taking a 11 to 5 lead. As usual, lunch took its effect and the second round was drawn 8 - 8. However, Jersey came good in the last two rounds, winning 9 to 7 and 11 to 5 giving an overall 39 - 25 victory to JPC.
A change this year was that everyone stayed on at the clubhouse on saturday evening and enjoyed a Barbecue arranged by member Mike Ritzema and his 'team' with entertainment from local musician Sandy Warren.
On Sunday a vist was arranged to Classic Herd and this was followed by a lunch and presentation of trophies at the Somerville Hotel.

Top French team this year was Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange with 4 wins, plus 28. Taking the honours for Jersey with 4 wins, plus 32 were Keaven & Linda Taylor

The return match will be held in Coutances over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd August.


The annual French invasion took place this year over the weekend of 20th to 22nd June, when we again hosted our compatriots from Coutances. A different format was introduced this year, with a guided walk on the Saturday morning, followed by the usual picnic lunch, the four games of petanque and a free evening. The meal and awards took place on the Sunday with the presentations preceeded by lunch at St Brelade's Bay Hotel. The consensous of opinion was this was a worthwhile change and a great weekend.

New member David Le Gresley hosted the guided walk on the Saturday morning, culminating in a most interesting visit to the bunkers at Corbiere.
After the lunch, the games were played and Jersey started with a narrow win in the first round, 8-7. The next two rounds were more convincing, with Jersey taking both 10-5. This left the visitors with an almost impossible task in the last round and in fact Jersey won that as well 9-6, leading to an overall 37-23 victory.
Top Jersey team were Alf & Rosemarie Le Masurier and in first place for the visitors were last year's runners up in Jersey, Christian Mesnages and Jean-Dominique Bourden.


Over the weekend of 21st & 22nd June, the Club played host again to our friends from Coutances. Most arrived on the Friday morning which was just as well as bad weather made the visitors cut their trip short and leave on the Sunday morning instead of that evening, as would be normal.
In windy but what turned out to be good weather on the Saturday, the usual four rounds were played, interupted by a lunch supplied by the hosts. The first two sessions were close affairs, with Jersey winning both 9-8. Following lunch, unusually, the locals' prowess increased and the scores were 11-6 and 12-5 meaning a win for Jersey by 41 to 27.
Dinner and presentations was held at Les Ormes in the evening, with top local team Karen & Eamon Bougeard claiming a magnificent score of four wins, plus 40. In second place were Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy, four wins, plus 29 and third, Derek Hart & Tony Allchurch four plus 19. For the visitors, winners with four plus 20 were Henri & Helene Harel, second Christian Mesange & Jean Dominque Bourden with three wins, plus 16 and third Jean-Claude Le Moine & Madelaine Chaplet, three plus 6.


During the last weekend in June, the Jersey Club hosted the annual visit by their French counterparts from Coutances. As usual, those that arrived on the Friday were entertained by their hosts.
On Saturday, four games were played, each session of 17 doubles games. The first two rounds were won 11-6 by Jersey who were therefore 22-12 up at the lunch break. The first session after lunch saw the French recover slightly by winning 9-8 but the last round went to Jersey, again 11-6 meaning that the hosts triumphed 41-27.
The usual Saturday night dinner and presentations were held at the Westhill Country Hotel, where top Jersey pair, Derek Hart and Tony Allchurch received their trophy. They were the only team with four wins but second with three wins, plus 24 were Doug & Carol Woodley; third were Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert on three, plus 18. Top pair for Coutances were Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange with three, plus 19.


Over the weekend of 24th to 26th June, the Club hosted 32 players from Coutances and celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Club.
On the Saturday, four games were played, two each side of lunch supplied by the hosts and served at the Club's terrains at Les Quennevais. Each session consisted of 16 doubles games and after the first round, the visitors were 6-10 behind. The second session saw honours go to Jersey 12-4. After lunch, the home team won again 11-5, meaning Jersey went into the last round well ahead. Coutances were unable to stage a comeback and lost 6-10, meaning Jersey had triumphed again on home ground with an impressive score of 43 to 21.
The evening dinner and presenation was held at the Ambassadeur Hotel and a 25th anniversary celebration lunch was held on the Sunday at the Boathouse in St Aubin, after a Vin d'Honneur at the St Brelade Parish hall.
The individual results were:
Jersey - Ken & Beryl Vibert first with Lawrence Rondel & Linda Taylor second and Rita Le Brocq & Keaven Taylor third.
Coutances - First, Christian Lesauvage & Michele Teree with Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange second and in equal third place, Jean-Claude Le Moigne & Catherine Robbe and Jean-Dominique Bourdin & Annick Le Moigne.


35 players from Coutances visited over the weekend of 11th to 13th June for the 25th year of the Club's association and were entertained on the Friday night prior to the usual day's play on the Saturday.
Four sessions were played, each of 16 games and Jersey won the first two, both 10-6. The first after lunch saw Jersey triumph again 11-5 and in the last round, we went from strength to strength, taking it 13-3. This resulted in the largest local winning margin (44-20) for a number of years.
In the evening, the dinner and presentations were held at the Red Rose Restaurant, where for the second year running, top Jersey pair were Dorothy & Gordon de Gruchy. First for the visitors were Josiette Lesauvage & Yvon Chaplet.



The annual visit by players from Coutances took place this year from 12th to 14th June and 38 French players made the trip.
As usual, four rounds were played on the Saturday, either side of lunch and the first session eneded 14-5 up to the hosts. The second round was a closer affair with Jersey scraping a 10-9 win, After lunch Jersey won the first set 12-7 but the French pulled back to take the last round 9-10. Overall however, Jersey pulled a win out of the bag 45-31.
The evening dinner & presentation took place at St Ouen's Parish Hall, where top French team, for the second year running, were Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange. First for the locals were Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy with 4 wins plus 37. Second were Keaven Taylor & Rita Le Brocq on 4, plus 28 and third Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert 4, plus 25.


40 players from Coutances made their annual trip to Jersey over the weekend of 13th to 15th June. The usual format for the weekend was followed with individual entertaining on the Friday night and four rounds of doubles' games on the Saturday.
Each session consisted of 18 games and after the first round, the visitors led 10-8; the second saw honours shared and the home team won the first after lunch, 10-8. It was therefore equal and all to play for going into the final round. Somehow, it all fell apart for the locals, who lost the last session 13-5, meaning that the visitors had triumphed in Jersey for the first time since 1988.
In the evening, the presentation dinner was held at St Ouen's Parish Hall. First for Jersey were Keaven Taylor & Rita Le Brocq and top French team were Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange.


During the weekend of 22nd to 24th June, JPC hosted 35 players from Coutances and four rounds of games were played at Les Quennevais on the Saturday. Whilst the visitors had chosen their teams with a view to a win on Jersey soil and the games were close, the hosts played well in the afternoon and took the day with a 39-29 victory.
In the evening, the presentation dinner was held at the Beau Rivage in St Brelade's Bay and for the visitors, Paule Gobbe repeated her wins of the last two years' again teamed with Yvon Chaplet. Top Jersey team were Joy & Derek Hart, who won all four of their games.




36 Coutances players visited from 9th to 11th June with the weekend following the usual formula of the visitors being hosted individually on the Friday night and four rounds of games on the Saturday, two each side of lunch. The final result was a victory for Jersey by the closest of margins, 33-31.
The Merton Hotel was the evening venue for the usual presentation dinner and Lawrence Rondel & Rita Le Brocq were the top Jersey team. For Coutances, Paule Gobbe repeated her victory of 2005, this year with Yvon Chaplet.



Over the weekend of 10th to 12th June, more than 30 members of the Coutances Club made their 20th visit to Jersey for a celebration of Petanque and good food and entertainment!
After private hosting on the Friday night, the weekend proper kicked off with a Vin d'Honneur at the Clubhouse. Following this, the usual four rounds of games took place.
Jersey took the honours by 44 games to 28 and the evening prestations took place at a barn dance and buffet. The trophies for best Jersey and French teams went to Rita Le Brocq & Lawrence Rondel and Paule & Remi Gobbe, respectively.

Results Prior to 2005

2004 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Joan & Dennis Le Mercier

2003 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Doug Woodley & Lawrence Rondel

2002 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Joan & Ron Le Herissier

2001 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Lawrence Rondel & Dave Le Moine

2000 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Lawrence Rondel & Dave Blanchard

1999 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Margaret & Maurice Andrieux

1998 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Lawrence Rondel & Hazel Le Moine

1997 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Hazel & Dave Le Moine

1996 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Nancy Welsh & Lawrence Rondel

1995 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Andre Nicol & Phil Egan

1994 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Hazel Le Moine & Lawrence Rondel

1993 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Linda & Keaven Taylor

1992 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Fred & Elaine Paisnel

1991 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - June Bastion & Rachel Hart

1990 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Nellie Faulkner & Keith Boleat

1989 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Dorothy & Gordon de Gruchy

1988 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Nancy Welsh & Andre Nicol

1987 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Nellie Faulkner & Andre Nicol

1986 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Nellie Faulkner & Andre Nicol

Ken & Beryl Vibert - best Jersey Team    Francis Colas presenting Gordon with Overall Winners and Jean-Claude Le Moigne & Rene Michel best French team

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