Jersey Petanque Club

Anybody who wants to enter a team to be considered for the Home Nations competition in Cardiff on  August 10th & 11th is reminded that entries have to be in by 10th March.
Teams can be 3 or 4 people.
Entries to James Rondel

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to be played on
24th March, 28th April, 12th May, 9th June, 21st July
In this competition you will play with a partner of your choosing and you have to play with the same partner for each of the five matches. (3 games are played each match)

In the event of one partner not being able to play, you may play with someone else but your points will not count for that match.

Your best 9 scores will be taken to determine the winner. This event will be timed. Each match will last 50 mins.

A whistle will be blown to start the game and when the whistle blows again you finish the end you are playing.

If you are on level scores at this point you must play one more end. In the event of an unequal number of teams, the last team drawn will receive a bye o f 13-7.

This competition will count towards the Player of the Year Trophy.