Jersey Club Annual Visits to Coutances  2017

I attach some photos from the weekend. One of what really happened apart from the petanque and then the top Jersey team, Tim Bechelet and myself, the runners-up, David & Sue Le Gresley and third placed Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert. Top French team were Francis Colas, Henri Croci & Marthe Vimond. I am hoping some photos of the day's play will be sent to me and as soon as I get them I shall forward them to you. 

Saturday's games were at Gouville-sur-Mer for the first time and there was one round before lunch which the hosts won 6-5. Obviously the French ploy of providing the visitors with copious amounts of food and drink worked because the second round saw the Coutances team win 8-3. Jersey then recovered and took the third round 8-3 so with one round to play, Jersey were one behind. Unfortunately Jersey's recovery didn't last and we lost the last round 7-4 meaning Coutances were victors 24-20. 

On the Sunday morning a melee was played and the top man & lady from Jersey and France were paired in a final. Sue Le Gresley & Christian Mesanges played Catherine Bourdais and myself and I can modestly report that Catherine and I won 11-9.



Jersey Club Annual Visits to Coutances  2016

Jersey Pétanque Club made their traditional return trip to Coutances over the August Bank Holiday weekend and had to endure another bout of French hospitality. They also played some pétanque, drawing with Coutances on games won but losing on points. Top Jersey team were Joan and Dennis Le Mercier who won all their games. The Saturday started with a Vin d'Honneur at the town hall in Coutances where Ken Vibert and Tony Allchurch were awarded bronze medals, Tony for his involvement with setting up the links between the two clubs 30 years ago, and Ken for the twinning with St Ouen.  One game was played before a barbecue lunch was enjoyed. We then played one game and enjoyed a barbecue lunch. On Sunday morning there was a melee, mixing the Jersey and Coutances players on different terrains and the eventual winners were Mick Rondel partnered  by Francis Collas. 

Top Jersey team was Dennis & Joan, with Mick & Pru second and Rita & Georgette third; photos are attached, with Gordon receiving the runners-up trophy and Francis the winners.

Jersey Club Annual Visits to Coutances  2015

The 29th annual visit of JPC to Coutances was held over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd August with the weather being kind until the Satuday evening, which saw a massive thunderstorm and torrential rain.
Play followed the usual format and this year Jersey struggled again in the first round, losing 6 games to 10. The second round was better with Jersey taking the honours 9 - 7 meaning that at the lunch break, Coutances were 17-15 up.
This time, lunch seemed to affect the hosts more and JPC took the third round 10 to 6, giving them a slender 25-23 lead going into the final round. With one game left to play, the score was 32 to JPC and 31 to the hosts; a win for the locals would see the match tied. At 12 all, Derek Hart's last boule was a foot off the cochonet but the opposition could not dislodge it and victory went to JPC by the narrowest of margins, 33-31.
Top team for JPC was Pru Vibert & Mick Rondel, with Dennis & Joan Le Mercier second and Derek & Joy Hart third. Top for the hosts was Rene Michel & Jean-Claude Le Moigne, second was Francis Colas & Dominique Mesange and Serge & Germaine Fort were third.
The evening meal was held at a local restaurant, Le Relais du Viaduc, where we were entertained by Les Putains, a singing group of 'ladies of a certain age".


The annual visit of JPC to Coutances took place over the weekend of 23rd to 24th August, with most of the Jersey contingent arriving on Friday 22nd, to be entertained, as usual by their French hosts.
Saturday dawned bright and warm and possiby lulled into a false sense of security by 2013's result and the home win recorded in June, the Jersey team probably took the first game too easily and lost 10 to 7. The next round was closer but the local team still took that one 9 - 8. Lunch was then taken and as usual, the French hosts made sure that the visitors were well fed and watered, hoping for a sluggish response from the Jersey team. They were not, alas, dissapointed as both the afternoon rounds went to the French 9 - 8, meaning an overall win for Countances by 37 to 31.
In the eveing the usual presentation evening was held at the Cositel in Coutances, and the awards were followed by an excellent meal and dancing, which saw some energetic moves by certain Jersey visitors who shall remain nameless.
For the first time, there was a tie for top Jersey team with both Derek & Joy Hart and Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy having three wins, plus 24.


The 27th annual visit of the Jersey Club to Coutances took place from 23rd to 25th August 2013.
As usual, four games were played on the Saturday morning at the terrains at Agon-Coutanville. This year, prepared for the usual French tactic of weakening the Jersey team at half time by supplying a surfeit of food and drink, JPC built up a healthy lead in the morning, winning the first round 12-5 and then the second 9-8. This meant that the JPC players could enjoy their repast, cushioned by a 21-13 lead. This was just as well, as in the afternoon, Coutances won both sessions 9-8, eroding the Jersey lead. However the morning effort proved worthwhile as Jersey took the trophy with an overall score of 37-31.
The Saturday evening presentation dinner was held at Blanville-sur-Mere where top Jersey Team were President Ken and Beryl, the only Jersey team to win four games, with a plus 23 score. In second place were Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy, three wins plus 22 and third Eamon & Karen Bougeard, three plus 15. For the French, top team with three wins plus 20 were Catherine Bourdais & Marcel Gueno. In equal second place were Christian Lesauvage & Rene Michel and Michele Terree & Didier Menyo, both with three plus 15.


During the weekend of 24th to 26th August, 36 players from the Club made their annual visit to Coutances; as usual, the French members hosted the Jersey teams during the weekend and entertained them on the Friday night.
Four games were played on the Saturday, interupted at half time by the usual excellent French supplied lunch. Each session consisted of 18 games but again, the home team proved too strong for the Jersey contingent who struggle away. The final score was 43 to 29 in Coutances' favour.
On the Saturday night the presentation dinner was held at which the trophies and medals were given. Top Jersey team were Joan & Dennis Le Mercier with 4 wins, plus 24. In second place were Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert, 3 wins, plus 25 and Ken & Beryl Vibert were third on 3 wins, plus 6. Top local team were Serge & Germaine Fort.


At the end of August 2011, just over 40 members of the club made their annual pilgrimage to Coutances to celebrate the 25th Anniversary visit to the Losirs Corpratifs Coutances.
On the Saturday morning, a reception was held at the Coutances Town Hall, hosted by Msr. Yves Lamy, the Marie, to mark 25 years of the two organisations' friendship and promotion of the game.
Everyone then re-assembled at the terrains at Agon-Coutanville, where the usual four rounds of games were held. After the first round, Jersey were up 10-8 and the break for lunch was held. The now familiar curse of the excess of hospitality took its toll and the first set after lunch finished 12-6 in favour of the hosts. Matters did not improve and the final result was a win for the French by 40-32.
The usual Saturday night dinner & prize-giving was held in St Aubin-du-Perron, where the top six Jersey teams got prizes. First were Ken & Beryl Vibert, with Keaven Taylor & Rita le Brocq second and Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert third. In fourth was Linda Taylor & Lawrence Rondel, fifth was Ron & Joan Le Herrisier and in sixth place was Derek Hart, Brian Heard & Steve Foster.
The top local team were Didier Menyo & Dominique Lenoel.


Forty Four members of the club travelled to Coutances at the end of August 2010, to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the club to their Coutances counterparts. As usual, the Jersey group were entertained in first class fashion by their French hosts.
On the Saturday, 21 teams from each side played four games each in a doubles format, with two games before the usual superb lunch. Coutances took the first round 13-8 and Jersey the second, 11-10. As seems to happen each year, invigorated by lunch, Jersey took the third round 12-9, closing the deficit to just one game. However, the excesses of lunch had their effect and Jersey lost the last round 13-8, meaning that overall, the French team took the honours 45-39.
At the Saturday night dinner and prize-giving, top Jersey pair were Keaven Taylor & Rita Le Brocq, with Ian & Penny Foster second and Alf & Rosemarie Le Masurier third. The top French team were Dominique Mesange & Thierry Thoniard.


Forty members of the club travelled to France in late August 2009, for the 23rd visit to Coutances.
As usual, four games were played on the Saturday, either side of lunch and this year, 19 teams from each club competed. The hosts took the first round 11-8 and Jersey the second, 10-9. Invigorated by lunch, Jersey won the third round 11-8, inching into a one game lead. The food and drink eventually took their toll and the visitors lost the last round 13-6 meaning that Coutances won the day 41-35.
At the usual Saturday night dinner & prizegiving, we were entertained by a local group of traditionally dressed Norman dancers. Top Jersey couple were Ken & Beryl Vibert and top French pair were Dominique Bauche & Gerard Rougeau.


The 22nd annual trip to Coutances took place at the end of August 2008 with 40 plus club members travelling to France. On the Saturday, 18 teams from each club played four games in a doubles format, one before lunch, three after. Jersey won the first two rounds 10-8 and the third was drawn; unfortunately, we couldn't keep the pressure up and Jersey lost the last round 12-6, meaning Coutances took the honours 37-35.
At the Saturday night dinner, we were entertained by a group of "Line/Barn Dancers" who attempted, with mixed results, to teach those present the relevant styles. Top Jersey team were Dennis & Joan Le Mercier, with Dominique Mesnage & Francis Colas taking top spot for the hosts.


Forty seven members of the Club travelled to Coutances over the August bank holiday, to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Club's twinning visits.
After being wined and dined by their hosts on the Friday night, a reception was held at the Coutances Town Hall on Saturday morning at which Past President and Co-Founder of the Club, Tony Allchurch, was presented with the French National Bronze Medal for Youth & Sport.
After lunch, 20 teams from each club played four games each, for the first time in a doubles format. By a combination of skill and luck, Jersey managed to win each round and retained the trophy.
At the usual Saturday night dinner & prizegiving, the top Jersey team were Pru Vibert & Mick Rondel and first for the hosts were Madelaine Chaplet & Christian Sauvage.


The 20th anniversary of the annual visits to Coutances was recently celebrated when forty members of the Club travelled to France. The weekend began with a reception at the Coutances Town Hall to mark the 20 years of visits, at which gifts were exchanged.
After lunch held at the Coutances Sports Grounds, thirteen teams from each club played four matches each in the usual triples format. After the first round, Jersey lead comfortably 10-3 but Coutances pulled back by winning the next two. With only four games left to finish, the teams were neck and neck but Jersey pulled out the stops to take the match 29-23.
The usual saturday night dinner and prize-giving was held at the Casino in Coutaniville, where the top Jersey team of Maggie Allchurch, Joy Hart & Paula Foster received their trophy, a victory made sweeter by beating a team made up of their husbands into second place.


Over forty members of the Club visited Coutances over the weekend of 2nd to 4th September. As usual, on the Saturday, four rounds of games were held at the terrains at Agon-Coutainville, together with a superb lunch. The final result was an emphatic win for the visitors, 31-21.
Top Jersey team were June Bastion and Dorothy & Gordon de Gruchy, with DougWoodley & Hazel & Dave Le Moine second and Maggie Allchurch, Paula Foster & Joy Hart third.
The prizes were given after an interesting dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in Coutances at which at least the males present were entertained!

Results Prior to 2005

2004 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Garnet Billot and Trixie & Lawrence Moulin
2003 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Joan & Ron Le Herissier and Dave Blanchard
2002 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Hayley Rondel, Doug Woodley & Keaven Taylor
2001 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Garnet Billot and Trixie & Lawrence Moulin
2000 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Carol & Doug Woodley & Keaven Taylor
1999 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Rachel Hart & Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy
1998 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Jane & Ian Rondel & Allan Le Quesne
1997 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - June & Peter Bastion & Basil Guegan
1996 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Carol & Doug Woodley & Keavan Taylor
1995 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Cynthia Michel, John Manning & Graham Roberts
1994 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Maggie & Tony Allchurch & Jock Wilkins
1993 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Carol & Doug Woodley & Sarah Bruce
1992 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Linda & Keaven Taylor & Lawrence Rondel
1991 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Nancy & Colin Welsh & Lawrence Rondel
1990 - Winners Jersey - Best JPC team - Joyce & Phil Egan & Peter Guegan
1989 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Phil Egan and Andre & Marc Nicol
1988 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Victoria, Andre & Marc Nicol
1987 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Rachel Hart and Andre & Marc Nicol
1986 - Winners Coutances - Best JPC team - Rachel Hart and Andre & Marc Nicol

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