Gordon and Dorothy De Gruchy 2016 Results
Player of the Year

1st Mike Ritzema  65 points
2nd Lawrence Rondel 58 points

3rd = Rita Le Brocq and Gordon de Gruchy 55 points
Winter Melee 2015-2016     


Men - 1st Tommie Glennie  2nd Dennis Le Mercier  3rd Geoff Thomas (Beryl Vibert presented trophies)

Ladies - 1st Joan Whitton  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Georgette Bougeard

Stableyard Doubles

1st Eddie Cuthbert and Dan Dingle    4 wins    +35 points
​2nd Mike Cotillard and Ken Luce        4 wins    +28 points
​3rd Tony and Maggie Allchurch          4 wins    +27 points

Jersey Open Doubles 2016   ​Full report, Triples (at Carrefour) and photos on button on Home page


1st Happy Harts  Joy and Derek Hart

2nd Morbel Tony Morton and Brian Corbel

3rd= Jockey Beans Chris and Jake Romeril

3rd= Island Hoppers Nick and Shirley Henry


1st Les Boulists Keith Boleat and Neil Selby

2nd PC Pes Andrew Bellamy and Callum Stewart

3rd= Rick O'Sheas Alan Lahiffe Stephen Leathem

3rd= Big Girls Val Glover and Joan Whitton

Consollage 1

1st Belgrave Boulists Dennis and Joan Le Mercier

2nd L'Arc en Ciel Diane Greenaway Terry Basson

3rd= Les Deux Accoints Richard Sowerby and Beryl Vibert

3rd= Magic Touch Brian Heard Claude Plard

Consollage 2

1st Congressmen Richard Baker and Peter Schillinglaw

2nd Pi Paul Gillam and Carol Cheam

3rd= Wenekim Mike and Wendy Ritzema

3rd= No Name Peter Adams and John Riseborough

Best C.I. Team  Happy Harts (Joy/Derek Hart)

Runner up Morbel (Tony Morton/Brian Corbel)

Best JPC Team  Happy Harts

Runner up The Two Daves  (David Le Gresley/Dave Hatrrison)​

Jersey Petanque Club Mens and Ladies Triples 2016

Mens Results

1st  - Derek Hart, Steve Foster, Mike Ritzema
2nd - Lawrence Rondel, Mick Rondel, Tommy Glennie
3rd  -  Dan Dingle, John Riseborough, Vic Le Riche

Ladies Results
1st   - Joy Hart, Wendy Ritzema, Susan Le Gresley
2nd - Joan Lewis, Kath Carson, Olive Thomas
3rd - Rosemary Renouf, Rosemary Le Masurier, June Bastion

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Susan Le Gresley  2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier  3rd Joan Lewis

Men - 1st Gordon de Gruchy   2nd Steve Harvey  3rd Mike Ritzema

The Colin Welsh Doubles competition took place at the JPC on the 15th May organised by Mick Rondel who played with Nancy Welsh. 
It is a competition Sponsored and Orginised by the Smugglers Inn and C.I.Engravers .
It was followed by dinner at the Smugglers along with the presentations.

1st Chris and Jake Romeril  with 4 wins +32
2nd Richard Sowerby and Wendy Ritzema 3wins +20
3rd Dennis and Joan Le Mercier 3 wins +17

Mens & Ladies Doubles

1st Mens Lawrence and Mick Rondel    2nd Mens Tommy Glennie and Mick Cotillard  3rd Mens Mike Ritzema and Brian Harris

​1st Ladies Joan Whitton and Ros Harris     2nd Ladies Rita Le Brocq and Joan Le Mercier   3rd Ladies  Joy Hart and Wendy Ritzema

President's Trophy

1st - Olive Thomas and Brian Harris   2nd - Eddie Cuthbert and Margaret Roland  3rd - James Rondel and Gill Noel

Mixed Doubles

1st - Mike and Wendy Ritzema     2nd - Gerald Rolland and Kath Bohan       3rd - Brian Harris and Paulette Reed


Summer Melee

Ladies -

1st Rita Le Brocq with 9 wins and +63 points
2nd Rosemary Renouf with 9 wins and + 50 points
3rd Gill Noel with 8 wins

Men -

1st Gordon de Gruchy with 11 wins
2nd Lyndon Lewis with 9 wins and +41 points
3rd Ian Foster with 9 wins and +38 points

Club Triples
1st Ken and Beryl Vibert, Linda Taylor    2nd Dennis and Joan Le Mercier, Rita Le Brocq    3rd Derek and Joy Hart with Steve Foster

Club Doubles

1st Gordon and Dorothy De Gruchy.   2nd Ken and Beryl Vibert    3rd Mike and Rosemary Yates

Special Melee
Combined result of Round One (April) and Round Two (October):

The Spring/Autumn Special melee took place on 2nd October 2016 in glorious sunshine.

The Gents :-
1st  Geoff Thomas with 6 wins +30 points
​2nd Dennis Le Mercier with 5 wins +38 points
​3rd  Lindon Lewis with 5 wins +37 points

Ladies :-
​1st Wendy Ritzema with 5 wins + 33 points (after a one end play off !!)
​2nd Joan Le Mercier with 5 wins + 33 points
​3rd  Gill Noel with 5 wins + 25 points.

For the full report :- 

Special Melee -                                            Presidents Trophy -

Carrefour vs JPC

                              CPC vs JPC -


Ladies - 1st , 2nd , 3rd

Men - 1st , 2nd , 3rd


Ladies - 1st , 2nd , 3rd

Men - 1st , 2nd , 3rd

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st , 2nd , 3rd

Men - 1st , 2nd , 3rd

Jersey Petanque Club