Jersey Petanque Club

Jersey Open Doubles 2017   ​Full report, Triples (at Carrefour) and photos on button on Home page

Main Competition
1st & 2017 JPC Open Champions    Chris Romeril (Carrefour PC) & Mark Nicol (Carrefour PC)
 2nd                                                   Geoffroy Buffetrille (Liberation PC) & Matt Buesnel (Liberation PC)
 3rd Equal                                          Matt Pinel (Liberation PC) & Brandon Ogier (Guernsey PC)
                                                          Dave Bartram (Guernsey PC) & Giles Cleal ( Guernsey PC)  

Plate Competition       
1st                                          Brian Harris (Jersey PC) & Paul Le Moine (Liberation PC)
 2nd                                        Jeff Fox (Cranleigh PC) & Lesley Lewis (Cranleigh PC)
 3rd Equal                              John Murray (Compton PC) & Martin Britton (Compton PC)
                                               Linda Taylor (Jersey PC) & Chris O’Rourke (Bridlington PC)

Consolage One
1st                           Richard Baker (Whitehouse PC) & Peter Shillingham (Whitehouse PC)
 2nd                         Roger Nunns (Wetherby PC) & Sue Nunns (Wetherby PC)
 3rd Equal               Tommy Glennie (Jersey PC) & Lawrence Rondel (Jersey PC)
                                Rosanne Smith (Wetherby PC) & Alan Taylor (Wetherby PC)

Consolage Two
1st                                 Keith Priaulx (Guernsey PC) & Shane Brehaut (Guernsey PC)
 2nd                               Dennis Le Mercier (Jersey PC) & Joan Le Mercier (Jersey PC)
 3rd Equal                      Dave Simpson (Whitehouse PC) & Tom Crowd (WhitehousePC
                                      Bill Weller (Whitehouse PC) & Colin Simons (Whitehouse PC)

Top Channel Island Team
 Chris Romeril (Carrefour PC) & Mark Nicol (Carrefour PC)

Top Jersey Petanque Club Team
 Derek and Joy Hart                                                                                       

1st Derek & Joy Hart 4 wins +37pts              2nd Rita Le Brocq & Georgette Bougeard 4 wins +36 pts    3rd Lyndon & Joan Lewis 4 wins +26pts

Stableyard Doubles

Winter Melee 2016 - 2017 Results

Men's                                                                 Ladies

1st Tommy Glennie 6 wins + 51 points             1st Rita Le Brocq  6 wins + 43 points

2nd Ken Vibert 6 wins + 29 points                     2nd Linda Taylor  6 wins + 39 points

3rd Mike Ritzema 5 wins + 31 points                3rd Joan Le Mercier 5 wins + 38 points