Jersey Petanque Club

Jersey Petanque Club
Award Winners 2018
The Council wishes to thank all those who have donated trophies and those who have sponsored competitions.
Should any member wish to either donate or sponsor please contact the Club Secretary
Award Winners 2018
The following awards have already been presented:

Jersey Open Champions 2018
Chris Romeril and Marc Nicol

Jersey Open Plate
Dennis Le Mercier and Mick Rondel

Jersey Open Consolage 1
Colin Huelin and Nigel Barette

Jersey Open Consolage 2
Alan and Ann Okley

Jersey Open Best JPC Pair
Ken Vibert and Linda Taylor

Jersey Open Best CI Pair
Chris Romeril and Marc Nicol
Award Winners 2018
Jersey v Coutances Best JPC Pair
Ron Le Herissier and Rita Le Brocq

Jersey v Coutances
Jersey Petanque Club
Coutances v Jersey Best JPC Pair
Mick Rondel and Pru Vibert
and Ken and Beryl Vibert
Coutances v Jersey
Award Winners 2018

Colin Welsh Doubles
(Sponsored by CI Engravers and Smuggler’s Inn)
1st                Marc Nicol and Matt Pinel
2nd               Thomas Glennie and Linda Taylor
3rd          James Rondel and Lydia Beck

Guernsey Open Best JPC Pair
(Donated by Peter and June Bastion)
Because of last minute transport difficulties no JPC teams competed

Robin Ward Charity Lunch
(Organised and Trophy Donated by Alf and Rosemarie Le Masurier)
Thomas Glennie

Anthony Nolan Charity Competition
Gary Cowburn
2018 Club Awards

Soup Nights
Donated by Joy and Derek Hart
Wally Garrett and Gill Blampied

Winter Melee Ladies
Donated and Sponsored by Gordon and Dorothy de Gruchy
1st                       Linda Taylor
2nd               Jennifer Le Marinel
3rd                Rosemary Renouf

Winter Melee Gents
Donated and Sponsored by Gordon and Dorothy de Gruchy
1st                 Ian Foster
2nd                Wally Garrett
3rd                 Thomas Glennie and John Dyer

Stableyard Studio Doubles
Donated by Stableyard Studios Sponsored by Eddie and Jane Cuthbert
1st               Michael and Rosemary Yates
2nd            Matthew Pinel and James Rondel
3rd            Geoffrey Thomas and Olive Thomas

2018 Club Awards
Ladies Singles
Donated by The Twins

1st Susanna Spars
2nd  Rosemarie Le Masurier
3rd  Jennifer Le Marinel

Gent’s Singles
   Donated by Tony Allchurch
1st  Matthew Pinel
2nd  Ian Foster
3rd  Dennis Le Mercier

Ladies Triples
 Donated by Keaven and Linda Taylor
Sponsored by Tim and Barbara Bechelet
1st  Joan Le Mercier, Gill Blampied and Linda Taylor
2nd  Joy Hart, Wendy Ritzema and Judy Dove
3rd Sonia Griffiths, Gill Noel and Jennifer Le Marinel                          

Gent’s Triples
Donated by Peter and June Bastion
Sponsored by Tim and Barbara Bechelet
1st   Gordon de Gruchy, Brian Harris and Mike Ritzema
2nd             Dennis Le Mercier, Tony Allchurch and Brian Heard
3rd                                            not awarded

2018 Club Awards
Ladies Doubles
  Donated by Lawrence and Margaret Rondel
1st  Joan Le Mercier and Rita Le Brocq
2nd  Gill Noel and Pauline Ryan
3rd  Joy Hart and Wendy Ritzema

Gent’s Doubles
  Donated by Tony and Rita Le Brocq
1st  James Rondel and Matthew Pinel
2nd  Ron Le Herissier and Thomas Glennie
3rd  Brian Harris and Mike Ritzema

President’s Trophy 
 Donated and Sponsored by Ken and Beryl Vibert
1st  Esta and David Williams
2nd  Christine Joshua and Ken Luce
3rd  Jane Rondel and Sandra Le Riche

Veteran’s Trophy  
Donated and Sponsored by Ken and Beryl Vibert
1st  Thomas Glennie and Ian Foster
2nd  Ron and Joan Le Herissier
3rd  Lyndon and Joan Lewis
2018 Club Awards
Mixed Doubles 
 Donated by Tony and Rita Le Brocq
1st  Matthew Pinel and Wendy Ritzema
2nd  Derek and Joy Hart
3rd  Thomas Glennie and Joan Le Mercier

Club Triples   
   Donated by Fred and Elaine Paisnel
1st  Mike and Wendy Ritzema and Brian Harris
2nd  Ken and Beryl Vibert and Linda Taylor
3rd  Ken Luce, Gerald Rolland and Mick Cottillard

Doubles Melee
  Donated and Sponsored by Rosemary Renouf
1st  Derek and Joy Hart
2nd  Thomas Glennie and Paula Dorgan 
3rd  Geoff and Olive Thomas

Club Doubles 
  Donated by the Late Mary Southwood
Sponsored by Betty Huelin
1st  Derek and Joy Hart
2nd  Brian Harris and Judy Dove
3rd  Thomas Glennie and Mick Rondel
2018 Club Awards

Ladies Pointing
1st  Teresa Koradi
2nd  Jacquie Boschat
3rd=  Sandra Le Riche and Joan Le Mercier

Gent’s Pointing
1st=  Matthew Pinel and James Rondel
3rd =  Stanley Boschat and Vic Le Riche

Ladies Carreaux
1st  Kath Bohan

Gent’s Carreaux  
 Donated by the Late Gerald Durrell
1st  Matt Pinel
2nd=  Michael Yates and Martin Koradi

Pot Luck
1st   Michael Yates  
2nd   Thomas Glennie
3rd=  Stan Boschat and Teresa Koradi

2018 Club Awards
Ladies Summer Melee   
Donated by the Late Bob and Lil Burns
1st  Linda Taylor
2nd  Joan Lewis
3rd  Olive Thomas

Gent’s Summer Melee   
Donated by the Late Bob and Lil Burns
1st  Brian Harris
2nd  Eddy Cuthbert
3rd  Graeme Follain

Cynthia Michel Memorial Spring and Summer Melee
Donated and Sponsored by Tony and Rita Le Brocq
1st  Rita Le Brocq
2nd  Jennifer Le Marinel
3rd  Gill Blampied

1st  Thomas Glennie
2nd  Peter Connor
3rd  Brian Harris
2018 Club Awards

Susan Burt Memorial Trophy.
Player of the Year 2018
Donated by Dave and Kath Burt
1st               Thomas Glennie    
2nd                     Brian Harris      
3rd               Joy Hart
Previous Winners
2002 Derek Hart
2003 Ian Rondel
2004 Jane Rondel
2005 Gordon de Gruchy
2006 Louie Bowen
2007 Joan Le Mercier
2008 Lawrence Rondel
2009 Keaven Taylor
2010 Lawrence Rondel
2011 Ian Foster
2012 Rita Le Brocq
2013 Thomas Glennie
2014 Thomas Glennie
2015 Rita Le Brocq and Lawrence Rondel
2016 Michael Ritzema
2017 Rita Le Brocq

2018 Thomas Glennie

2019 Brian Harris