Jersey Petanque Club

2005 Results
2004/05 Soup Night Melee

Ladies - Paula Foster  Men - Derek Hart

Winter Melee

Ladies - 1st Anne Billot  2nd Barbara Baggs  3rd Mary Southwood

Men - 1st Gordon de Gruchy  2nd Louie Bowen  3rd Dennis Le Mercier


 Winter Melee Ladies - Mary, Anne & Barbara     Men - Louie, Gordon & Dennis

Stableyard Doubles

1st - Barbara & Doug Baggs  2nd - Beryl & Ken Vibert  3rd Joy Hart & Elaine Paisnel

Club Doubles

1st - Dorothy & Gordon de Gruchy  2nd - Beryl & Ken Vibert  3rd - Nancy Welsh & Lawrence Rondel



Stableyard Doubles - Doug & Barbara                 Club Doubles - Dorothy & Gordon

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Kath Burt  2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier  3rd Barbara Baggs

Men - 1st Gordon de Gruchy  2nd Louie Bowen  3rd Mick Rondel

Club Triples

1st - Louie Bowen, Peter Guegan & Dave Blanchard  2nd - Jane & Ian Rondel & Gordon de Gruchy               3rd - Fred Paisnel, Derek Hart & Steve Foster



Singles - Kath & Gordon                                    Club Triples - Peter, Dave & Louie

Mens & Ladies Doubles

Ladies - 1st Joy Hart & Elaine Paisnel  2nd Linda Taylor & Beryl Vibert  3rd Joan Le Herissier & Rosemarie Le Masurier

Mens - 1st Gordon de Gruchy & Dennis Le Mercier  2nd Lawrence Rondel & Keaven Taylor  3rd Ian & Mick Rondel



Ladies Doubles - Beryl, Linda, Joy & Elaine    Mens Doubles - Gordon, Dennis, Lawrence & Keaven

Mens & Ladies Triples

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor, Rita Le Brocq & Cynthia Michel  2nd Marian Allain, Margaret Stokes & Nancy Welsh  3rd Joy Hart, Maggie Allchurch & Elaine Paisnel

Mens - 1st Louie Bowen, Peter Guegan & Dave Blanchard  2nd Ian, Mick & Lawrence Rondel  3rd Keaven Taylor & Keith & Matthew Pinel


 Ladies Triples - Cynthia, Rita & Linda       Mens Triples - Dave, Louie & Peter

Summer Melee

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor  2nd Georgette Bougeard  3rd Jo de St George

Men - 1st Ron Le Herissier  2nd Alf Le Masurier  3rd Lawrence Rondel

Birch-Cabaret Trophy

Although the first round went to Carrefour 33-24, JPC well made up for it in the second round, 43-21 meaning an overall win was secured for JPC 65 games to 55.

Summer Melee - Linda & Ron                  Action from the Birch-Cabaret competition

Invitation Doubles

1st - Peter & Eric Guegan  2nd - Dave Blanchard & Dianne Bowen  3rd - Joan Le Herissier & Bernard Jeanne


Ladies - 1st Pru Vibert  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd n/a

Men - 1st Ian Rondel  2nd Keaven Taylor  3rd Lawrence Rondel


Ladies - 1st Kath Burt  2nd Henny Prax  3rd Phyllis Saunders

Men - 1st Keaven Taylor  2nd Keith Pinel  3rd Colin Vibert

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st Kath Burt  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Anne Billot

Men - 1st Keaven Taylor  2nd Roy du Val  3rd Dave Burt