Jersey Petanque Club

2008 Results
2007/08 Soup Night Melee

Ladies - Joan Lewis   Men - Lawrence Rondel

Winter Melee

Ladies - 1st Elaine Paisnel  2nd Maggie Allchurch  3rd Beryl Vibert

Men - 1st Ron Le Herissier  2nd Louie Bowen  3rd Matthew Pinel


Winter Melee Ladies - Elaine                                                Winter Melee Men - Ron

Stableyard Doubles

1st - Derek Hart & Fred Paisnel  2nd - Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy  3rd - Jane & Ian Rondel

Club Doubles

1st - Mick Rondel & Pru Vibert  2nd - Marian Allain & Lorraine Norman  3rd - Matthew & Keith Pinel


Stableyard Doubles - Derek & Fred                                       Club Doubles - Lorainne, Pru, Marian & Mick

Mens & Ladies Doubles

Ladies - 1st Maggie Allchurch & Elaine Paisnel  2nd Georgette Bougeard & Ann Billot  3rd Penny Foster & Pru Vibert

Men - 1st Gordon de Gruchy & Dennis Le Mercier  2nd Lawrence Rondel & Keaven Taylor  3rd Ron Le Herissier & Alf Le Masurier



Ladies Doubles - Maggie, Elaine, Ann & Georgette     Mens - Gordon, Dennis, Keaven & Lawrence

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Joan Lewis  2nd Betty Vibert  3rd Lilian de Gruchy

Men - 1st Colin Vibert  2nd Mick Rondel  3rd Lyndon Lewis



Ladies Singles - Betty, Joan & Lilian                                      Mens Singles - Lyndon, Colin & Mick

Mens & Ladies Triples

Ladies - 1st Rita le Brocq, Joan Le Mercier & Linda Taylor  2nd Maggie Allchurch, Gill Fowler & Elaine Paisnel  3rd Lilian de Gruchy, Joan Lewis & Mary Southwood

Men - 1st Lawrence, Mick & Ian Rondel  2nd Ian Foster, Lyndon Lewis & Gerald Rolland  3rd Peter Bastion, Alf Le Masurier & Keaven Taylor



   Ladies Triples - Rita, Joan & Linda                                         Mens Triples - Mick, Ian & Lawrence

Summer Melee

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier  2nd June Bastion  3rd Barbara Baggs

Men - 1st Lawrence Rondel  2nd Dennis Le Mercier  3rd Louie Bowen




Ladies - Barbara, Joan & June                                              Men - Lawrence, Dennis & Louie

Club Triples

1st - Penny Foster, Pru Vibert & Mick Rondel  2nd - Tony Allchurch, Richard Fowler & Fred Paisnel           3rd - Matthew & Keith Pinel & Jeremy Grigg

Cynthia Michel Trophy

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier  2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier  3rd Rita le Brocq

Men - 1st Roger Saunders  2nd Keaven Taylor  3rd Thomas Glennie



Club Triples - Penny, Mick & Pru                                        Cynthia Michel Trophy - Joan (left) & Roger

Invitation Doubles

1st - Matthew & Sue Pinel  2nd - Graeme Follain & Sarah Le Cornu  3rd Lawrence Rondel & David Le Cornu


Ladies - 1st Rosemarie Le Masurier  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Pru Vibert

Men - 1st Ian Rondel  2nd Lawrence Rondel  3rd Keith Pinel


Ladies - 1st June Bastion  2nd Joan Le Mercier  3rd Elaine Paisnel

Men - 1st Brian Malzard  2nd Dick Miller  3rd Colin Vibert

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st Kath Burt  2nd Betty Huelin  3rd Phyllis Saunders

Men - 1st Colin Vibert  2nd Dave Burt  3rd Ian Foster

Birch-Cabaret Trophy

Drawn at 60 games all but Carrefour winners on points 1163 to 1151

JPA Competitions
Island Singles

At the Island Singles Championship in July at Samares Manor, Elaine Paisnel beat Mick Cotillard 13-9 to take the title.

JPA Knockout Cup 2008

The final of the first Knockout Competition saw two JPC teams, Occidental and Pioneers, go head to head. The final score of 6-0 in favour of Occidentals belied the closeness of the games.



Island Singles winner - Elaine                                            Knockout Cup - Occidentals (back) Pioneers (front)