Jersey Petanque Club

2009 Results

2008/09 Soup Night Melee

Ladies - Linda Taylor  Men - Mick Rondel

Winter Melee

Ladies - 1st Elaine Paisnel  2nd Ann Billot  3rd Pru Vibert

Mens - 1st Keaven Taylor  2nd Thomas Glennie  3rd Richard Fowler

Stableyard Doubles

1st - Joy Hart & Paula Foster  2nd - Marian Allain & Lorraine Norman  3rd - Fred Paisnel & Tony Allchurch



Winter Melee - Keaven & Elaine                                            Stableyard - Joy & Paula

Colin Welsh Trophy

Nancy Welsh & Lawrence Rondel (JPC)

Club Doubles

1st - Rita Le Brocq & Keaven Taylor  2nd- Matthew & Keith Pinel  3rd - Linda Taylor & Doug Woodley

Club Triples

1st - Lawrence Rondel, Nancy Welsh & Keaven Taylor 2nd - Tony Allchurch, Derek Hart & Fred Paisnel 3rd - Maggie Allchurch, Joy Hart & Elaine Paisnel


Club Doubles - Rita & Keaven                                                 Club Triples - Keaven, Nancy & Lawrence

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Elaine Paisnel  2nd Joan Le Mercier  3rd Phyllis Saunders

Men - 1st Dennis Le Mercier  2nd Matthew Pinel  3rd Keaven Taylor 

 Ladies Singles - Phyllis, Elaine & Joan                                    Mens Singles - Keaven, Dennis & Matthew

Mens & Ladies Doubles

Ladies - 1st Joy Hart & Paula Foster  2nd Joan Le Mercier & Rita Le Brocq  3rd Maggie Allchurch & Elaine Paisnel

Mens - 1st Ken Vibert & Keaven Taylor  2nd Tony Allchurch & Fred Paisnel  3rd Matthew & Keith Pinel




Ladies Doubles - Paula & Joy                                                  Mens Doubles - Ken & Keaven

Mens & Ladies Triples

Ladies - 1st Georgette Bougeard, Ann Billot & Denise Hardy 2nd Phyllis Saunders, Kath Burt & Jean Maguire  3rd Penny Foster, Judy Le Clercq & Pru Vibert

Mens - 1st Derek Hart, Fred Paisnel & Tony Allchurch  2nd Lawrence & Mick Rondel & Dave Blanchard  3rd Keith & Matthew Pinel & Jeremy Grigg



Ladies Triples - Georgette, Denise & Ann                                  Mens Triples - Tony, Fred & Derek

Summer Melee

Ladies - 1st Kath Burt  2nd Joan Le Herissier  3rd Rita Le Brocq

Men - 1st Keaven Taylor  2nd Thomas Glennie  3rd Ian Foster



Ladies - Joan, Kath & Rita                                                   Men - Thomas, Keaven & Ian

Invitation Doubles

1st - Barbara Cunliffe & Harold Walden  2nd - Barbara Baggs & Fred Helleur  3rd - Michael Yates & Anna Foley

Ladder Doubles

1st - Fred & Elaine Paisnel  2nd - Nancy Welsh & Lawrence Rondel  3rd - Joan & Lyndon Lewis

Cynthia Michel Trophy

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Penny Foster

Men - 1st Patrick Campbell  2nd Graham Machon  3rd Dave Burt

Charity Lunch Melee

Winners - Nancy Welsh & Patrick Campbell



Ladies Winner - Nancy                                                        Mens Winner -Patrick


Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor  2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier  3rd Pru Vibert

Men - 1st Keith Pinel  2nd Keaven Taylor  3rd Mick Rondel


Ladies - 1st June Bastion  2nd Penny Foster  3rd Joan Le Mercier

Men - 1st Thomas Glennie  2nd Eric Maguire  3rd Michael Yates

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier  2nd - Penny Foster  3rd Rita Martin

Men - Ian Foster  2nd Thomas Glennie  3rd Roger Saunders

Best JPC Pair in Guernsey

Equal First - Rita Le Brocq & Keaven Taylor and Nancy Welsh & Lawrence Rondel

Birch-Cabaret Trophy

JPC won 71-49

JPA Competitions
JPA Knockout Cup 2009

In the second annual Knockout Cup, Les Hirondelles met fellow JPC team Wrinkleys in the final and in the closet of results Les Hirondelles triumphed by four points after a three all draw.

Island Singles

Matthew Pinel defeated Toby Northern to become 2009 Island Singles Champion

Island Doubles

Dorithy & Gordon de Gruchy beat Jeanne & Ken Le Brun of St Mary Club in the final



Birch-Cabaret - Lawrence (left) Receives Trophy       Les Hirondelles - 2009 JPA Knockout Cup Winners 


Island Singles Champion - Matthew (left)                       Island Doubles Champions - Dorothy & Gordon