2012 Results
2011/12 Soup Night Melee

Ladies - Barbara Cunliffe  Men - Ron Le Herissier

Winter Melee

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Herissier  2nd Rita Le Brocq  3rd Kath Burt

Men - 1st Lyndon Lewis  2nd Dennis Le Mercier  3rd Lawrence Rondel



Winter Melee Ladies - Kath, Joan & Rita                           Winter Melee Men - Lawrence, Lyndon & Dennis

Stableyard Doubles

1st - Keaven Taylor & Rita Le Brocq  2nd - Lawrence Rondel & Tommy Glennie  3rd Ken & Beryl Vibert

Colin Welsh Trophy

1st - Darren Le Brun & Mick Cotillard (Carrefour PC)  2nd - Linda Taylor & Stuart Mayman  3rd Dennis & Joan Le Mercier



Stableyard Doubles - Rita & Keaven                              Colin Welsh Trophy - Darren (left) & Mick (right)

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Elaine Paisnel  2nd Joan Lewis  3rd Linda Taylor

Men - 1st Tony Allchurch  2nd Tommy Glennie  3rd Dennis Le Mercier



Ladies Singles - Joan, Elaine & Linda                                   Mens Singles - Dennis, Tony & Tommy

Mens & Ladies Doubles

Ladies - 1st Elaine Paisnel & Joan Lewis  2nd Rita Le Brocq & Joan Le Mercier  3rd Carol Woodley & Linda Taylor

Men - - 1st Lawrence & Mick Rondel  2nd Louie Bowen & Tommy Glennie  3rd Tony Allchurch & Derek Hart



Ladies Doubles - Elaine & Joan                                           Mens Doubles - Lawrence & Mick

Club Triples

1st - Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy & Louie Bowen  2nd Ian & Penny Foster & Ron Le Herissier  3rd Trixie Moulin, Ross Harris & Dan Dingle

Mixed Doubles

1st - Derek & Joy Hart  2nd - Dennis & Joan Le Mercier  3rd - Lyndon & Joan Lewis




Club Triples - Gordon, Dorothy & Louie             Mixed Doubles - Lyndon, Joan, Derek, Joy, Dennis & Joan

Summer Melee

Ladies - 1st Linda taylor  2nd Phyllis Saunders  3rd Joan Le Herissier

Men - 1st Ken Vibert  2nd Ian Foster  3rd Dennis Le Mercier


Summer Melee Ladies - Phyllis, Linda & Joan                         Summer Melee Men - Ian, Ken & Dennis

Club Doubles

1st - Lawrence Rondel & Tommy Glennie  2nd Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy  3rd Rita Le Brocq & Keaven Taylor

Charity Melee

1st - Barbara Bechlet  2nd - Linda Taylor  3rd - Eamonn Bougeard


Club Doubles - Gordon, Dorothy, Lawrence, Tommy,          Charity Melee winner - Barbara                            

Mens & Ladies Triples

Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier, Rita Le Brocq & Linda Taylor  2nd Phyllis Saunders, Jean Maguire & Barbara Cunliffe  3rd Rosemarie Le Masurier, Joan Le Herissier & Penny Foster

Men - 1st Gordon de Gruchy, Derek Hart & Dennis Le Mercier  2nd Keaven Taylor, Ken Vibert & Doug Woodley  3rd Ian Foster, Lyndon Lewis & Gerald Rolland



Ladies Triples - Joan, Rita & Linda                                       Mens Triples - Gordon, Derek & Dennis

Cynthia Michel Trophy

Ladies - Penny Foster  Men - Tommy Glennie

St George's Night Melee

Ladies - Linda Taylor  Men - Ian Foster & Martin Koradi

Birch-Cabaret Trophy

First Round - Carrefour 31 JPC 29  Second Round - Carrefour 34 JPC 26

Final results - Carrefour PC winners by 65 to 55


Ladies - 1st Rosemarie Le Masurier  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Karen Bougeard

Men - 1st Tommy Glennie  2nd Lawrence Rondel  3rd Keaven Taylor


Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier  2nd Linda Taylor  3rd Rosemarie Le Masurier

Men - 1st Lawrence Rondel  2nd Michael Yates  3rd Steve Thorne

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor  2nd Jacquline Boschat  3rd Penny Foster

Men - 1st Lawrence Rondel  2nd Tommy Glennie  3rd Stan Boschat

JPA Competitions
JPA Knockout Cup

Les Hirondelles from JPC, represented by Graeme Follain, Tommy Glennie and Lawrence & Mick Rondel, beat Lollabouts (Carrefour) 4-2 in the final

JPA Island Doubles

Matthew Pinel & Jeremy Grigg from JPC beat Keith Pinel & Chris Romeril 13-10 in the final


       Island Doubles Champions - Jeremy & Matthew          Cup winners - Tommy, Lawrence, Graeme & Mick

Mens & Ladies Triples

In the Island Mens & Ladies Triples competition, JPC teams took both trophies, with Linda Taylor, Rita Le Brocq & Beryl Vibert top for the ladies and for the men, Jeremy Grigg and Keith & Matthew Pinel wining five out of their six games to take the title.



Ladies Triples - Rita, Linda & Beryl                                       Mens Triples - Jeremy, Matthew & Keith

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