Jersey Petanque Club

2014 Results
Player of the Year

                                          1st Tommy Glennie  83 points

     2nd Lawrence Rondel  82 points     3rd Linda Taylor  68 points     4th Joy Hart  67 points

5th Rita Le Brocq  66 points        6th Lyndon Lewis  63 points            7th Rosemarie Le Masurier  62 points 

8th Joan Lewis  60 points            9th Ian Foster  58 points                  10th Ron Le Herissier  57 points

Winter Melee

Ladies - 1st Joy Hart, 2nd June Bastion, 3rd Nancy Welsh

Men - 1st Ken Vibert, 2nd Lawrence Rondel, 3rd Tim Bechelet

Stableyard Doubles

1st - Lawrence Rondel & Tommy Glenne

2nd - Joy & Derek Hart

3rd - Ian & Penny Foster

Melee - Ken Vibert & Joy Hart       Stableyard Doubles - Derek, Joy, Lawrence, Tommy, Penny & Ian

Mens & Ladies Singles

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor, 2nd Joy Hart, 3rd Rosemarie Le Masurier

Men - 1st Tony Allchurch, 2nd Tommy Glennie, 3rd Ian Foster

Ladies - Rosemarie, Linda & Joy                                        Men - Tommy, Tony & Ian

Mens & Ladies Doubles

Ladies - 1st Rita le Brocq & Joan Le Mercier, 2nd Linda Taylor & Beryl Vibert, 3rd Karen Bougeard & Rosemary Yates

Men - 1st Tony Allchurch & Dennis Le Mercier, 2nd Tommy Glennie & Graeme Follain, 3rd Alf Le Masurier & Ron Le Herissier

Karen, Rosemary, Joan, Rita, Linda & Beryl                 Ron, Alf, Tony, Dennis, Tommy & Graeme

Mens & Ladies Triples

Ladies - 1st Rita Le Brocq, Linda Taylor & Joan Le Mercier, 2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier, Elaine Paisnel & Penny Foster, 3rd Joy Hart, Dorothy de Gruchy & Barbara Bechelet

Men - 1st Ken Vibert, Keaven Taylor & Graeme Follain, 2nd Lyndon Lewis, Gerald Rolland & Ian Foster, 3rd Derek Hart, Gordon de Gruchy & Louie Bowen

Linda, Rita & Joan                                                                 Graeme, Keaven & Ken

Mixed Doubles

1st - Lyndon & Joan Lewis, 2nd Ron Le Herissier & Elaine Paisnel, 3rd Lawrence Rondel & Joy Le Marquand

Club Triples

1st - Alf & Rosemarie Le Masurier & Elaine Paisnel, 2nd Val Glover, Joan Whitton & Joy Le Marquand, 3rd Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy & Derek Hart

Joan & Lyndon                                                    Elaine, Alf & Rosemarie with sponsors Tim & Barbara Bechelet

Summer Melee

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor, 2nd Joy Hart, 3rd Joan Lewis

Men - 1st Ken Vibert, 2nd Tommy Glennie, 3rd Lyndon Lewis

Joy, Linda & Joan                                                                    Tommy, Ken & Lyndon


The First round of the annual competition, played at Les Quennevais, was won by JPC 33 to 27. The second round, at Carrefour was won by the home side 40 to 20, giving an overall victory to Carrefour 67 to 53

President's Trophy

The first President's Trophy competion was won by Mike Ritzema & Daryl Rimeur. Second was Brian Malzard & June Bastion, with Alan Rimeur & Rita Martin third.

                                                                          Mike Ritzema & Daryl Rimeur

Club Doubles

1st - Lawrence Rondel & Tommy Glennie, 2nd Gordon & Dorothy de Gruchy, 3rd Eddie Cuthbert & Ian Foster

Special Melee

Combined results of the April & October rounds:

Ladies - 1st Joan Whitton, 2nd Elaine Paisnel, 3rd Linda Taylor

Men - 1st Tommy Glennie, 2nd Lyndon Lewis, 3rd Gordon de Gruchy

Tommy & Joan                                                                    Eddie, Ian, Tommy, Lawrence, Dorothy & Gordon


Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor, 2nd Rosemarie Le Masurier, 3rd Rosemary Renouf

Men - 1st Brian Malzard, 2nd Ken Vibert, 3rd Dennis Le Mercier


Ladies - 1st Joan Le Mercier, 2nd Rosemary Renouf, 3rd Wendy Garland

Men - 1st Ron Le Herissier, 2nd Peter Garland, 3rd Michael Yates

Pot Luck

Ladies - 1st Linda Taylor, 2nd Wendy Garland, 3rd Rosemarie Le Masurier

Men - 1st Lawrence Rondel, 2nd Ken Vibert, 3rd Graeme Follain